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Connect with Talent

Recruiting Angels was established with one vision, which was to provide a comprehensive service to connect professionals with their goals.

With a wealth of experience across business management, human resources and specialist recruitment, we aim to support the recruitment journey for the candidate and the employer.

Our consultants are committed to ensuring your organisational needs are met, utilising their experience to understand your requirements and are there to help you every step of the way.

Recruiting Angels is based in the UK and can support your recruitment needs both national across the UK and internationally.

Our Mission

Connecting professionals through resourcing, developing and recommendation of talented individuals, in securing quality roles within successful organisations.

Our Vision

Recognising potential in people to release their talent and add value to your business.

Our Values

In order to fulfil our vision to add value to your business, we aim to utilise the following values in the service we provide:


Relationships with all our employees, clients and candidates are built upon trust and respect.


Having the capability to perform through knowledge and experience.


Working together to achieve one goal.


Creating bespoke ideas, contributing to business growth and success.


Listening to the needs of others.


Helping you, in all we do.

  • I can't thank the Recruiting Angels team enough for their help and support in getting me back into a career I love!

    J White

  • I was really struggling to fill a role in my company and the team were great, really supportive and spent time to understand my needs so they could find the best person for the job.

    S Davidson

    Forever Bubbly
  • I have dealt with various recruitment agencies before andfound Recruiting Angels to be helpful and understanding in regards to mypersonal situation. Whenever I needed advice or clarity, I found the agency tobe honest and transparent. I sincerely recommend Recruiting Angels to anyonewho intends to teach abroad, especially when it is your first time goingabroad.

    F Mohamed

  • Thank you so much your supporthas been amazing! 😊

    Y Abdirahman

  • This agency has been very professional andexcellent with communication.

    S Blackman

  • Thank you for enabling this opportunity. Your support has been incredible, providinginformation every step of the way.

    J Morgan

  •  "I have just recently contacted this recruitment agency regarding a jobopportunity that I was interested in. A member of the team contacted mestraight away, explained the job role and my suitability for this. An onlineinterview via 'zoom' was arranged for the following day. I received a couple ofreminders leading up to my scheduled time. The 'zoom' app was easy to use, thepicture quality was good and the sound was clear. I was offered the job withinan hour.

    Fromthen, it has been 'full-on' with constant communication and back-up, help andpatience.

    Ihave also the reassurance of one team member (Helen Wilkinson) inviting me tofeel free to call the recruitment agency at any time to let them know how I amgetting on, which is nice, because I won't feel abandoned. I am very happy withthe correspondence and support that I have received from this team, that Iwould highly recommend that you give them a call. I have already recommended afriend, and she too is expecting an interview shortly."


    Thankyou Helen and the rest of ' the team.'

    L Aslan

  • Thanksfor your email and continuous support! I am happy with what I have encounteredso far. Asfor your support during this journey, what can I say, it has been constantright from the start! You responded to my application within hours and to allmy enquiries promptly, even during weekends! I would recommend your services toanyone looking for a job! 


    Wishingyou all the best & when I need a job again, I know who to contact! 



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