Solutions To Grow Your Business

Recruiting Angels are here to help you every step of the way, in connecting you with talented candidates looking for their next career move. We offer a variety of bespoke solutions to fit your ever changing business. Contact us to discuss your organisational requirements, whether this be for an ad-hoc role requiring one candidate, to a recruitment campaign requiring multiple candidates.

Our aim is to always add value to your organisation and we believe in building positive collaborative working partnerships with all our clients. We are very flexible in our approach to help support you with your recruitment needs and we always want to provide the best service we can to you.

Why Work With Us?

Recruiting Angels main objective is to connect talented candidates seeking new opportunities with our clients.

We understand the need to attract and retain talent is critical to a successful organisation. In order to achieve this, we feel we can source and connect you with the right candidate, by understanding your organisational recruitment and business objectives.

We can support your internal teams recruitment process by providing candidate applications quickly, whilst not compromising on quality, due to our extensive network to headhunt from and our database. Along with promoting your mission, vision, values and company ethos when engaging with candidates, we also ensure we have the right fit, so we feel this will achieve a streamless recruitment journey.

We are looking to build long term relationships with all our clients and provide a personalised approach to your organisation. We would love to get to know you, your employees and how your processes work, so we can really help make a difference with your recruitment.

Global Recruitment

Recruiting Angels specialise not only in sourcing UK candidates for roles nationally, but we also source candidates from around the globe for positions both here in the UK and Internationally.

To ensure we meet our clients needs we focus on headhunting from around the globe, selecting the very best candidates to match your vacancy criteria.

We coordinate interviews over many different days and time zones successfully, through a range of social media platforms telephone and video calling.

This means you don't have to worry about your potential candidates being asleep when you're awake, we will support you with all those details and arrangements.

Recruitment Process

Our quick recruitment process guide, step by step for you to see how we work and embed our values in the service we provide.

Understanding Your Requirements

We need to understand not only the role you need to fill, the qualifications and experience required, but also the ideal candidate you are looking for to match your organisations culture.


Whether you're recruiting as a one off ad-hoc role, rolling campaign, asap urgent start for a new contract, ongoing growth or succession planning, we will always discuss your needs to understand your timescales, to ensure we help support you meet your deadlines. As recruitment cycles are not the same, we can adapt to any style of recruitment needed and have extensive experience in managing long term and urgent role recruitment. 

Applicant Tracking

Through building strong relationships with our clients, we fully understand their needs in order to provide the very best talented candidates. We achieve this through a variety of methods from headhunting and social media campaigns, to utilising our extensive database and matching our candidates against your required skill set. Candidate care is as equally as important to us and we always treat our candidates with respect. We only aim to match them to an organisation if we feel it is the right fit for both the client and themselves. We always reply promptly and keep in touch with all our candidates throughout the process and during their settling period into their new role.


In order to match your organisation with the best fit candidates we source, we spend time getting to know our candidates. We have many referrals from our candidates, as we always take time to get to know their dream jobs, career aspirations and personal needs. When we are looking to match to an organisations role requirements, we already know candidates that are the right fit, so pre-screening isn't a drawn out process.

Candidate Placement

Using our extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of your organisation, we are able to utilise our skills and database to provide you with talented candidates to meet your deadlines. This process can be long and drawn out, so by working with us, we can take the pressure of you to find the right fit for your role.


As important as supporting you to fill your vacancies is, we feel it is as equally important to follow through the process and be available after the vacancy is filled to help grow and build strong working relationships both with our clients and candidates. Therefore, we are always there for support and advice when it is needed.